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Bachelorette activity in Zurich for her

Marriage is a lot more relaxed when the world is not on the brink!

Enter the magical world of Romeo and Juliet and make your way through the beautiful old town of Zurich as “team bride” in the new and unique Bachelorette-Special. Rewrite the love story of Romeo and Juliet in this escape game and successfully bring the mission to a happy end. Travel back in time to the heart of medieval Italy to find Romeo. Can you stop him from poisoning himself and save the world in the name of love?

This outdoor adventure combines tricky puzzles and fun tasks with the gorgeous surroundings and the lovely atmosphere of the city. With an iPad, a bag full of gadgets and a shot to kick things off with two hours of pure entertainment are guaranteed. The game, enriched with a lot of wit and charm, offers fun for all participants, even when the drinks count keeps rising.

Course of the game

A unique 120 – 150 minute gaming experience awaits you, merging reality and fiction in 15 exciting missions.

Level of difficulty: easy/medium
Costs: from CHF 39.00 excl. aperitif, CHF 59.00 incl. shot round and aperitif during the game.

Number of participants still uncertain?

That’s absolutely not a problem at all! You’re not the first ones facing this “issue”. Here are two options that we’re happy to recommend:

  • If you’re expecting, for example, 8 girls to attend the event, please book for 8 players. If the actual number of participants is lower, we’ll cancel the excess tickets via the booking system. Please provide us with the final number of participants no later than 48 hours before the event via email or phone.
  • Alternatively, you can also book for, let’s say, 3 girls (the minimum number for a reservation). The remaining participants can then pay for their tickets on-site at Predigerplatz 22, either by cash, card, or Twint. In this case, we kindly ask you to specify in the “Comments” section approximately how many players you expect.


Drink: drink of your choice (wine / aperol / refreshing fruit cocktail (you can also order a non. alcoholic drink without any problem).
Food: Meat and cheese platter with fruit garnish including toast. Alternatively rich cheese platter for vegetarians. Please specify when booking whether with meat or vegetarian.

Treffpunkt "Girls and the City"

Do you have drinks or snacks with you and want to keep them cool during your adventure? In our store, we have a large refrigerator where we can gladly store your items. Additionally, a restroom is available for your convenience. If you’d like to change your dress afterward, there are plenty of spaces available.


Explore Zurich together and save the bride from impending doom! The event kicks off with an entertaining round of shots and an introduction by our game master. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter amusing tasks and several photo stops, with the images sent to you afterward. And don’t worry, even without a future bride, you can still join in on the fun—there are no unpleasant tasks here!

Perfect for your bachelorette party/girls’ day out in Zurich.*

*Other locations available upon request.


Spider Technologies has developed a dangerous virus that has already infected 20% of the world’s population. As secret agents of the W.I.S.E. organization, you must prevent the catastrophe. Follow Dr. Bergmann’s clues, hack into the secret server and stop the audio signal.

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Discover the city of Limmat in a funny way and experience an immersive story about the most famous scientist in the world. Combine image, sound or text tasks and uncover the mystery of Albert Einstein.

You want a customized game with questions about the future bride?

Contact us!


You’ll get a lightweight shoulder bag with gaming essentials and an iPad to take with you on your mission.

120 - 150 minutes

You go on the journey for 120 to 150 minutes. Included in this time is everything from introduction to apero to finale.


Capture your wedding event and take original photos during the game. These will be sent to you afterwards by the Game Master.


The riddles and tasks are distributed throughout the beautiful old town. Only when you get to the right place that you can solve them.


You will have a good time in the city and see the area with different eyes.


You can expect a round of shots at the beginning and an aperitif with a drink of your choice and fine appetizers in the middle of the game. On request also non-alcoholic!


The location is Zurich. Meeting point at Predigerplatz 22, 8001. Other cities on request.


The adventure is offered in German and English, French and Italian.


FROM CHF 39.00 PER PERSON, you can also book the game with aperitif if you wish (CHF 59.00 per participant).