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Outdoor Escape Games Zurich

The rules are simple, mastering them is hard...

Two to six players – 120 minutes time.

Numerous riddles, await you in the city center. Brain teasers and surprises. Experience the unique Escape Room adventure outdoor! Suitable for both experienced players and those looking for something new.

Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and unique outdoor adventure!

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Bachelorette party special

Outdoor Escape Room Zurich

A nationwide blackout is about to happen! It’s up to you agents to find the hidden nodes and control the emergency generator. Can you prevent the blackout and uncover Karl Lehmann?

Spider Technologies has infected 20% of the world’s population with a virus. Find the antidote and prevent the catastrophe! Follow Dr. Bergmann’s clues to save the city from total apocalypse.

Danger threatens from worlds long thought gone! The portal guardian has been knocked out by a spell and now malevolent creatures roam our beautiful city. But there is hope! You!

Discover the city of Limmat in a playful way and experience an immersive story about the world’s most famous scientist. Combine image, sound or text tasks and uncover the secret of Albert Einstein.


Augmented Reality

Thanks to the most modern technology, reality and fiction merge into a unique gaming experience. Unique quality.


120 minutes to break out of the city

Experience our outdoor Escape Room in the most beautiful locations of the city with immersive integration of the environment.


Find the hidden clue and complete the task

Packed adventure, well manageable. A bit of stress, but no time to get bored – tried and tested many times!

You want an individual offer for another city or location, tailored to your needs? Contact us!

Perfect for

Friends & Family

If you want to have a fun and memorable gaming experience with your loved ones.

Corporate Event

We offer the game throughout Switzerland, everywhere. From four players to groups of 800 participants.


Discover your destination and save the city along the way. Sightseeing combined with scavenger hunt.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Outdoor game experience tailor-made according to your wishes. Switzerland-wide.

Bachelorette and Bachelor

Our bachelorette or bachelor party package has it all: Shot round at the beginning, aperitif in the middle and lots of fun.

Organization excursion

For small and large clubs – we have the right game and are happy to support you.