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Birthday party outdoor activity for young and adults

Outdoor Escape Game stands for fun and action – even on your birthday! Celebrate the big day with your friends with us in Niederdorf and experience a party that you won’t soon forget!

A fun birthday activity in Zurich's Niederdorf district

Our outdoor escape games are a great activity to celebrate a birthday with family and friends or to offer the little ones a great outdoor gaming experience with exercise and lots of fun. Our facilities at Predigerplatz can be hired on request. And the best thing is: the birthday child plays for free. As do the accompanying adults in the case of a children’s birthday party.

A game tailored to the birthday child

We recommend the right game on your age. Our outdoor escape game experience “The Magic Portal” is ideal for children aged 8 and over. Our game “Operation Mindfall” for kids aged 10 and over. We have developed child-friendly routes especially for children, with less walking distance and more action between the tasks. Optionally, questions specifically for the birthday child can be integrated into the game. “Which is Reto’s favorite football club” or “Which ice cream does Amelie love”?

We plan the birthday party from A to Z

Planning and organizing a children’s birthday party takes a lot of time and nerves. We are happy to take on this task from start to finish. From decorating the room to serving the aperitif or ordering the birthday cake, we leave nothing to be desired. Contact us for your personalized gaming experience.

Birthday Escape Game from 8 years


Operation Mindfall

Spider Technologies has developed a dangerous virus that has already infected 20% of the world’s population. As secret agents of the organization W.I.S.E. you have to prevent the catastrophe. Follow Dr. Bergmann’s clues, hack into the secret server and stop the audio signal.


The Magic Portal

Danger threatens from forgotten worlds! The portal guardian has been incapacitated by a spell and now malevolent creatures roam the enchanting, proud and unique city. You are the only hope! Find the magic crystals and close the portals.

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